XP® Force™ Trimmer Line

2.4mm x 1 lb Donut (85m) - Commercial Grade dual polymer trimmer line that is a metallic green colour that blends in with grass. The shape of our Titanium Force™ trimmer line is combined with the cutting edge technology of a strong abrasion resistant outer skin. Fast acceleration and level flight characteristics allow for reduced fuel consumption and makes it run quieter. Fits all standard trimmer heads. Lasts up to 30% longer than traditional trimmer lines, depending on application.
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The inner core improves the wear resistance which gives the line high durability and increased working life.

Whisper pattern

Reduced noise level with 50%.


The patented design on Husqvarna's low-noise lines reduces the noise level by 50 % which gives a better working

Durability 5/5

Optimised material combinations for prolonged lifetime.

Efficiency 5/5

High cutting efficiency means less work. Possible with the right choice of material.


This product is best suited for trimming grass

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